Investment was started by a group of Commercial Realtors at Skogman Commercial Real Estate Group in Cedar Rapids.

Bob Wilkes and Mike Shaffer have over 30yrs experience in the real estate business.

The group specializes in Multifamily Apartment investments representing owners and buyers.

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Investment Real Estate

Investment Real Estate, managed properly, will bring you greater investment returns than any other investment vehicle in the world. 

Yes this is my opinion and it’s shared by many of the greatest minds and investors of the world. Almost every day I meet people who say “I’ve always wanted to invest in real estate but I didn’t know where to start” or “What if people don’t pay their rent” or “Is it better to invest in multi family properties, homes or commercial real estate.”

The answer to all of these questions is both a yes and a no!

Bottom line is this: You will need to invest a little time to see if real esate investing can meet or exceed your long term investment goals.

Currently I have investments in commercial, multi-family and single family homes. I have “diversified” to meet my long term financial goals and I can tell you from experience what has and what has not worked for me!

Whether you are looking to buy or sell the first step is to contact me and setup a time for us to meet.


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